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Another Tuscany in Casentino

We bought Casa Martino without even knowing how it was inside. Indeed, we bidded for it at a public auction in May 2015 and finally got it in October 2015!

We were looking for a country house, not necessarily the house of dreams but a place smelling old, drown in the nature, surrounded by silence.

Casa Martino has all or at least quite some of this.

On the top of the front door someone wrote 'CGF FECE 1847'. Casa Martino was presumably built almost 170 years ago, in the Granduchy of Tuscany, when Italy was not united yet.

It rises in the heart of Casentino looking from height at some of the most beautiful medieval towns, such as Poppi and Bibbiena, locations described and lived by Dante Alighieri back at the end of the 13th century. Valdarno,Val di Chiana and Valtiberina surround Casa Martino.

Pievi, hermitages (eremi), sanctuaries, romanesque churches and castles (such us Camaldoli, La Verna and Romena) witness the richness and aliveness of the territory inhabited by nobles and merchants.

Not only natural beauties  but also medieval and Renaissance art masterpieces originated by the close trade connections with Florence: Jacopo del Casentino, as with many of his contemporaries, was influenced by the early master, Giotto.

Casamartino is located in the Province of Arezzo but is only 35km away from Florence.

It stands at 822mt from sea level, where the hill ends and the mountain begings. Going to Casa Martino from Florence you admire the typical tuscanian countryside of Valdarno. Just a few kilometers before coming up to Casa Martino through Passo della Consuma, the wide vineyards of the highly regarded Nipozzano Frescobaldi winehouse in Diacceto steal your sight. Coming from Arezzo, crossing Bibbiena and Poppi, you admire hills and castles.

Casa Martino is located in the little borgo of Villa, in the municipality of Pratovecchio Stia, just a few hunderd metres away from the XI century ruins of Castel Castagnaio.

Casentino is the name of this fantastic area enriched by the natural park of Foreste Casentinesi colouring of green a wide mountain area at the border of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

Casentino is also called the hidden Tuscany while it's so easy to be discovered: ancient crafts, regional food and unspoilt beauty.  It’s perfect for enjoying the real atmosphere of the place and its long lasting traditions. You can hop from castle to castle , take long promenades in the woods, enjoy special tastings of local products and much more. Casentinesi Forests National Park is one of the largest areas of forest in Europe, extraordinarily rich in flora and fauna and located between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. This area can be visited either on foot, by bike or on horseback, along a network of over 650 km worth of trails.

Nature, food, history, art, sport and relax: Casentino is definitely another (beautiful) Tuscany!

Casa Martino from outside...

while renovating inside

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